Transforming Lectures into 

Effective Teaching Interventions

Help teachers transform lectures into more effective learning interventions.

Medical teachers who want to improve their teaching skills when presenting lectures.

Being an expert in a clinical or a surgical topic does not translate into being a good teacher. To become a good teacher we need a theoretical framework that will help us understand and apply teaching principles and strategies to teaching.

Traditional lectures have ranked very low when measuring their effectiveness.

The course will require 2 to 3 hours a week, depending on the participant's previous experience. 
The duration of the course is 8 weeks.


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply multimedia and adult learning principles when preparing lectures.
  • Write goals and objectives that will help develop effective learning interventions by organizing content in building blocks and using “chunking”.
  • Use different approaches when teaching facts, concepts, procedures, processes and principles.
  • Describe and apply the Contiguity, Modality, Redundancy, Coherence and Multimedia principles to their teaching interventions
  • Evaluate teaching interventions prepared by others, and identify improvement opportunities applying the same principles.
  • Develop well-structured open ended and multiple-choice questions to stimulate learning.
  • Generate knowledge and critical thinking interactions to enhance learning during lectures.
  • Use free or low cost software like “Socrative” to assist this interactivity
  • "Flip the classroom" by recording and sharing online lectures to make a better use of classroom time.
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  • Module 1 - Introduction and Tutorials: Introduce the course and practice the tools we will use.
  • Module 2 - Theory and application of adult learning principles: Apply adult learning principles for developing more effective teaching and learning experiences.
  • Module 3 - Planning a Course: develop a stepwise process to develop a course.
  • Module 4 - Building Course Content: identify adequate teaching strategies for teaching knowledge (facts and concepts), skills (procedures), values and attitudes (principles).
  • Module 5 - Principles for Building Multimedia Teaching Activities: Apply principles for building multimedia teaching activities.
  • Module 6 - Generating Interactivity With Open Ended & Multiple Choice Questions: To make learners play an active role in lectures.
  • Module 7 - Tools for Making Lectures Interactive: How to use tools for developing interactive teaching activities.
  • Module 8 - Putting It All Together: Wrap Up the course

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The course will be conducted online and will include:

·   Recorded audiovisual lectures

·   Selected readings

 Tutored Course 

Tutored (Capacity: 20-25)

Self Guided (Capacity: Unlimited)  

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Access to forums  

No access to forums  

Access to tutors for set limit of time  

No access to tutors  

Access to all documents  

Access to documents that don’t require tutor.  

Access to all lectures  

Access to all lectures  

16 Weeks  

16 Weeks 

Self Guided



Dr. Helena Filipe

Dr. Pankaj Lamba

Dr. Karl Golnik

Dr. Luz Marina Melo S.

Dr. Matthew D. Gearinger

Dr. Eduardo Mayorga

Dr. Sunil Moreker

Dr. Gabriela Palis


·   Discussion forums

·   Hands on sections of course development

·   Hands on software training

THE COURSE BEGINS: 9/17/2018  

Dr. Purvi Bhagat